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Tripping Over The Truth, Vol. I

Tripping Over The Truth, Vol. I by Eclectic Spacewalk

10 long-form essays & 10 "Conversations" podcast transcripts with graphic illustrations for each.

Essay Topics:

  • Consilience
  • The Overview Effect
  • Terrestrial Politics
  • Non-Zero Sum
  • Systems Thinking
  • Skin in the Game
  • Anomie
  • The Second Psychedelic Renaissance
  • Object-Oriented Ontology
  • Four Futures of Narrative Economics


  • Founder & Academic Dean of Campus Co-Evolve George Por
  • Head of Programming of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival Yorgos Krassakopoulos
  • Author & Poet Millicent Ally
  • Founder of The Human Library Organization Ronni Abergel
  • Building A Second Brain's Tiago Forte
  • Founder of Idea Markets Mike Elias
  • Professor of Philosophy - Cal Poly Pomona Michael Cholbi
  • Filmmaker Rob Harper
  • Professor of Philosophy - UC Riverside Eric Schwitzgebel
  • CEO of MATTEREUM Vinay Gupta

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  • 10 long-form essays & 10 podcast transcripts with graphic illustrations for each!
  • 10 essays & 10 podcast transcripts395 pages
  • 10 essay illustrations & 1 one-page mosaic 11
  • 10 "Conversations" podcast guest illustrations & 1 one-page mosaic 11


Tripping Over The Truth, Vol. I

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